MAKE IN UA: Relocation

Relocation is the governmental program of state support provision for temporary relocation of production facilities of Ukrainian enterprises from territories affected by the armed aggression to the Western regions of Ukraine.

The state support program provides for:

The program objective is securing Ukraine's manufacturing potential, job and ensuring continuous operation of industry for the duration of war. Relocation shall become a temporary measure necessary to preserve production and safety of employees. Relocated businesses will have a possibility to return to their usual location in due course.
support throughout the process of selecting locations for production placement;
assistance with transportation of facilities to temporary relocation area
assistance in staff evacuation and accommodation
employees recruitment upon evacuation
search for partners for raw materials supply and potential sales
assistance in setting up logistics chains

Business relocation

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If you are a business or local self-governing authorities representative in the Western regions of Ukraine enterprises could be relocated to, and you would like to engage an enterprise, please fill in the form.

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